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The Trilogy Concludeth



December 2015

The Opposite of People and Night Shift Brewing have teamed up one more time to bring you The Trilogy Concludeth a one night only fundraising parody reading of the last installment of Ian Doescher’s hilarious Shakespearean Star Wars Saga; The Jedi Doth Return. In this adaptation, Doescher takes a galaxy far, far away all the way back to the 17th century, utilizing iambic pentameter in a parody of the Bard and Lucas. Add in the feel of a 50s Sci-Fi movie and a drinking game, and you’re ready to join in the fun.

We’ll be having an ugly sweater contest, so you finally have a reason to wear that sweater your Aunt Judy knit for you in 1983. Prizes will be awarded to the best ones.

A local food truck will be parked outside for all your food and snack needs!

Directed/Adapted By: Stephen Sacchetti
Staged Managed/Produced By: Cara Guappone



Our Narrators – Eric O’Dea & Matt Sherman
Luke Skywalker – Taylor Faulstich
Princess Leia Organa – Tristyn Sepersky
Han Solo – Paul DeCamp
R2D2 – Michelle Principi
C3PO – Angelo Calderone
Darth Vader – Mike Haddad
Emperor Palpatine – Robert McCall
Admiral Piette – Kathryn DePaola
Moff Jerjerrod – Zair Silva
Jabba of the Hutt – Lara Lom
Boba Fett – Michael Rudden
Yoda – Joanne Wood
Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi – Drew Shadrawy
Lando of Calrissian – Chris Crossen-Sills
Mon Mothma – Caitlin O’Dea
Admiral Ackbar – Mark Prokes
General Madine – Jetti Jarvis
Chewbacca – Tom Doucette
Wicket – Kristie Norris
Teebo – Claire Lukaczyn
The Rancor – Jake Smith



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