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Romeo Juliet


August 2014

Perhaps no story is as well-known as that of Romeo and Juliet, reimergent over the years in various artistic forms, exemplifying the malleability and transience of storytelling. Drawing from multiple sources of the classic tale, The Opposite of People pushes Romeo Juliet into the dystopian future as they discover a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s text.


Narrator – Genevieve McCarthy
Friar Laurence – Shira Cahn-Lipman
Prince – Sophie Kaner
Mercutio – Kristie Norris
Paris/Gregory – Dustin Pazar

House of Montague:
Montague – Justin Villalta
Romeo – Stephen Sacchetti
Benvolio – Paul DeCamp
Abram/Page – Morgan Flynn

House of Capulet:
Capulet – Zair Silva
Lady Capulet – Michelle Principi
Juliet – Cara Guappone
Nurse – Katie Higgins
Tybalt – Taylor Faulstich
Sampson/Peter/Apothecary – Blyss Cleveland

Production Photos:

Star crossed lovers

Going to the chapel

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