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The Line That Picked Up 1000 Babes


February 2014

It’s Friday night at a dive bar and Benny’s feeling lucky thanks to the time-tested book, The Line That Picked Up 1000 Babes (And How It Can Work For You!) which his friend Alan thinks is a load of BS. Charlie’s drunkenly running into every single person he’s ever known, Diane is waiting for someone who never shows, and Fran has been dragged out for her birthday by Ellen, who can’t seem to stop making eyes at a man across the bar. Join us for drinks and laughs as these six 20 somethings navigate the bar scene in this one hour comedy.

Written By: Eric Berlin

Directed By: Kristie Norris



Alan – Nathanael Newby-Kew
Benny – Stephen Sacchetti
Charlie – Tom Lesure
Bartender – Ryan Kendall

Diane – Katie Higgins
Ellen – Cara Guappone
Fran – Megan Crotty
Female Understudy – Sonya Richards



From Left to Right. Back: Stephen Sacchetti, Nathanael Newby-Kew, Tom Lesure. Front: Katie Higgins, Cara Guappone, Megan Crotty.
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