We’re in the final countdown to opening (2 days!) and today we’re going backstage with Asha Hirsi of Homemade Fusion!

TOP: What drew you to Homemade Fusion?
AH: I absolutely loved the song “Random Black Girl”, because it perfectly describes my experience as a Black actress in theatre. I feel that this song does such a wonderful job of addressing the discrepancies still prevalent in theatre in a lighthearted, comedic way that gets the audience to laugh but also stop and think, “Huh, you know, she’s right!”

TOP: What makes this musical worth seeing?
AH: Have you heard this cast?!?! The vocal talent alone from my fellow cast members still blows me away! But talent aside, this show is refreshing. It balances shocking humor with introspective songs that we can all relate to.

TOP: What are some favorite theatrical roles of yours?
AH: I just had the opportunity to play Joanne in RENT during my last production at Suffolk University, and she was one of my “bucket list characters” so that was amazing. She’s such a nuanced person, s coming to understand her as a high-powered yet vulnerable woman was such a joy. A couple of characters I’d love to play in the future are Rafiki, and literally anyone in The Color Purple (like my song says, why couldn’t I be cast for a part in The Color Purple!”).

TOP: What do you do during the day or for fun outside of theater?
AH: I just graduated from Suffolk University in May 2016, so I’m in that weird transition period where I’m no longer a student but also haven’t entered the working world yet. I have a degree in Public Relations so I’ll be looking to work in something related to that, but I’m going to primarily be working on building a career in theatre. I love stories, both real and fictional, so you can usually find me reading a new book, binge-watching some TV show, or watching a new movie. I absolutely love documentaries, usually the ones that address social issues, so that’s mostly what you’ll find in my Netflix suggestions.

Tickets are available at http://tinyurl.com/hfmusical

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