Next up in our Homemade Fusion cast is Kaila Frymire!

TOP: What drew you to Homemade Fusion?
KF: I was intrigued by the format of the show. It is created in a way that leaves space for individual performers to take ownership and make the pieces their own. No two casts will look alike or present the same show.

TOP: What makes this musical worth seeing?
KF: The range of personalities and emotions you will experience as a viewer.

TOP: What are some favorite theatrical roles of yours?
KF: I’ve had a lot of fun with energetic, comedic roles like Ado Annie in Oklahoma! or Susanna in The Marriage of Figaro. However, I really love digging into more complex, raw characters such as Queenie in The Wild Party or Jenny in The Threepenny Opera.

TOP: What do you do during the day or for fun outside of theater?
KF: One of the most wonderful things about live performance is that it is an ever-changing art form. There is always room for reinterpretation or further fine-tuning of a piece – even if you’ve performed it a thousand times. In my free time, I love small projects like knitting and baking that feed my creativity but give me a different sense of satisfaction, resulting in a final product. I also love hiking and swimming – bring on the summer!

Tickets for Homemade Fusion are available at:http://tinyurl.com/hfmusical!


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