Today, we go backstage with Nick Mann from Homemade Fusion.

TOP:What drew you to Homemade Fusion?
NM: HF is a very honest, raw, and comical reflection on life. Each song is a story in and of itself, requiring the cast to convey an incredible amount of emotion and nuance in a single number. The music is beautiful, the vocal lines demanding. These challenges are very appealing to me as a performer.

TOP: What makes this musical worth seeing?
NM: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and experience all the feels in-between. The cast will blow you away – everyone is insanely talented.

TOP:What are some favorite theatrical roles of yours?
NM:Playing Cinderella’s Prince and the Wolf (Into the Woods) – so much AGONY!

TOP: What do you do during the day or for fun outside of theater?
NM: Learning how to boat.

Don’t forget, tickets are on sale at:http://tinyurl.com/hfmusical

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