Next up in our lineup of talented performers in Homemade Fusion is Kara Nelson.

TOP: What drew you to Homemade Fusion?
KN: There were a few things made me want to audition for this project: the cool people I would be working with, the song “Out of My Head”, and the fact that I needed something to fill my spare time before my next show… But mostly the first two!!

TOP: What makes this musical worth seeing?
KN: The amazing performers and the open bar!

TOP: What are some favorite theatrical roles of yours?
KN: My favorites have been Éponine in Les Mis, Natalie in Next to Normal, and The Mistress in Evita, so I’ve got singing about being sad and/or alone down to a science at this point.

TOP: What do you do during the day or for fun outside of theater?
KN: I am a performing arts teacher in 2 different Boston Public Schools. Outside of work and theatre, I love playing trivia, baking, and shooting hoops. Not at the same time.

Tickets for Homemade Fusion are on sale at: http://tinyurl.com/hfmusical.

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