Only a few days before The Saga Continues! Tickets are almost sold out – and we had to turn people away last time!

Our next new member is Mark – who has a penchant for a German accent.

Hailing from not quite long ago and actually pretty close by, Mark Prokes is excited to be a part of the Star Wars Shakespeare family. Seriously, like a little too excited. He still makes lightsaber sounds whenever he turns on a flashlight. It’s weird. When not completely embarrassing himself by reciting the Star Wars Ring Theory (don’t ask him to explain it, we’ll be here all night), he’s performed in such shows as TWELFTH NIGHT (Malvolio), SPAMALOT (Bedevere, Mrs. Galahad, Herbert’s Father) and AVENUE Q (Trekkie Monster) and many more. He hopes that everyone enjoys the show and that the upcoming Episode VII retcons Midi-chlorians out of existence. That would be nice..

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