It’s time to announce the cast for our two fall readings – The Saga Continues – parodies of The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return! We’ve got some returing veterans reprising their roles from Verily, a New Hope and we’re so excited to add some new actors to the cast.

**Denotes our new cast members  🙂

Luke Skywalker – Taylor Faulstich
Princess Leia Organa – Tristyn Sepersky
Han Solo – Paul DeCamp
C-3PO – Angelo Calderone
R2D2 – Michelle Principi
Yoda – Joanne Wood**
Darth Vader – Mike Haddad
Emperor Palpatine – Jeremy Mele
Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi – Drew Shadrawy
Lando of Calrissian – Chris Crossen-Sills**
Boba Fett – Michael Rudden**
Piette – Kathryn DePaola
Jabba the Hutt – Lara Lom**
Admiral Akbar – Mark Prokes**
Wedge Antilles – Nathanael Newby-Kew
Chewbacca – Tom Doucette
Our Narrators – Eric O’Dea** & Matt Sherman**

Jetti Jarvis
Claire Lukaczyn**
Bobby McCall
Kristie Norris
Caitlin O’Dea**
Niraj Shah
Zair Silva**

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