Meet Tom Lesure, who plays Charlie in 1000 Babes. Tom began his acting career working with Shakespeare & Company in their fall festival shows in roles such as Macbeth in Macbeth and Orlando in As You Like It. Last summer he reprised the role of Mercutio in Dragonfly Theater’s…


Meet Katie Higgins, who plays Diane in 1000 Babes. Katie is psyched to combine two of her favorite things: acting and red wine. She will appear in The Mai at Arlington Friends of the Drama at the end of February, sadly without red wine. Katie is drawn to characters…


Character Posters


Have you seen our character posters for 1000 Babes? Keep your eyes peeled if you live around Somerville and Cambridge for them!   Who would YOU most like to share a drink with?


Rachel of Gamma Ray Photography stopped by Monday night for our Full Run! Check out her photos below. The show is really coming along! (Ryan, our male understudy, filled in for Benny for part of the rehearsal.)    


Rehearsals are under way for The Line That Picked Up 1000 Babes (And How It Can Work For You!) Check out some of the photos from our last rehearsal, taken by Sonya.