This is not the post you are looking for. Drew Shadrawy (Obi-Wan Kenobi) dove back into the acting fray after a 30 year hiatus for The Milton Players performing the role of “Mr. Van Daan.” Drew has lived on stage the past 25 years playing guitar in various Boston…


Meet Nate who plays Wedge Antilles in our May the Fourth Be With You reading. Nathanael has loved Star Wars ever since he was given the original trilogy on VHS (with THX enhanced picture and sound!) and is proud to be playing the only non-major character to make it…


Next up, meet another member of our Ensemble, Niraj Shah! According to Niraj’s mom, Niraj Shah is as hilarious as he is charming and handsome. His hobbies include hugging puppies and letting friends borrow money. He totally doesn’t mind helping you move this weekend. Your parents constantly refer to…


Jetti Jarvis (Ensemble) is super excited to be joining The Opposite of People in Verily, A New Hope. She studied performing arts at Wheelock College, but this is her first (public) role in about six years, and she couldn’t think of a better group of people to work with!…


Contrary to popular belief, we will not be performing Evita. Meet Jeremy, who plays Governor Tarkin in our May The Fourth Be With You reading. Jeremy Mele is very pleased to be taking part in this fully armed and operational production of Shakespeare’s Star Wars. This is his first…


Red Leader doth here stand by. Meet Ezra! Ezra Brown loves to act when he is not too busy hunting womp rats. Some favorite Shakespearean roles include Duke Orsino, Lysander, and Lord Stanley.


Did we mention that the final scene has 25 characters? And we have 18 actors. Meet Tanner, one of our champion ensemble members. Tanner Bryan is originally from Sewanee, Tennessee and a recent graduate of Clark University. He has been doing theater and improv since his breakout role as…


Let’s round out our droid collection, meet Angelo who plays C-3PO. Angelo Calderone is ver(il)y excited to be bridging the gap between the human and the cyborg in A New Hope. A lifelong nerd, Angelo still tries to blast people with force lightning when he does not get his…


Robert McCall has been both good – Sir Robin in Spamalot, Matt in the Fantasticks – and evil – Chip Tolentino in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Lucifer in Dr. Faustus – so it is only fitting that he can claim membership to both the Rebellion and…


From Jawa to General, Kristie Norris is on top of it playing a NUMBER of roles in the ensemble of our May the Forth Be With You reading. Kristie freely admits that dating a Star Wars nerd has vastly improved her appreciation of the fandom. A thespian at heart,…