Meet Ryan Kendall, who plays the Bartender in 1000 Babes. Ryan is happy to be taking his first non-speaking role in 1000 Babes. If you’re curious to hear his voice–and I’m sure you are–you should definitely check out his music, which can be found at www.hilltopsunset.com


Meet Nathanael Newby-Kew, who plays Alan in 1000 Babes. Nathanael hasn’t been back at this (acting or writing bios) for very long and doesn’t really remember what to say. His past is littered with shows, including Romeo & Juliet (Paris), Arsenic & Old Lace (Teddy), Picasso at the Lapin Agile…


Meet Cara Guappone, who plays Ellen in 1000 Babes. Cara really is about as subtle as a bulldozer. And you’re cute. When she’s not forgetting people’s birthdays, she pretends to be 16 going on 17 in The Footlight Club’s upcoming production of The Sound of Music. You may have seen…


Meet Stephen Sacchetti, who plays Benny in 1000 Babes. Stephen is excited and a bit stressed out to be doing this show and starting a theater company…and doing other shows. Stephen will be also appearing as George in Our Town with Moonstruck Theater Company. Past credits include Romeo &…


Meet Megan Crotty, who plays Fran in 1000 Babes. Unlike her character, Megan not only took ballet, but teaches it. She’s also a literature buff who recently received her Master’s Degree from Boston College and is currently teaching freshmen writing classes. Her past work includes four years in the improv…